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New Recipes for Dips and Appetizers Inspired by Indian Condiments

My new food essay is up on The Aerogram with two recipes. In my quest for dips that are a delicious departure from the ordinary, I decided to re-purpose a … Continue reading

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Working Out the Kinks in the Inter-Generational Recipe Transfer Protocol

My new essay on The Aerogram: So each time we sat down at my breakfast table I would bring out not only all our assorted notes, my computer, and pens … Continue reading

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What Makes Food Comfort Food?

The Aerogram published my essay on why a bowl of rice and some pickle is my comfort food. On any other day, late night infomercials would give me company through … Continue reading

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When All That’s Left of Pressure Cooker are Fragments and Hurt

As an intern at a communications consulting company many years ago, I had to get familiar with the firm’s documents and their various formats and templates. The resident tech guru pointed … Continue reading

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A weeping cherry tree in full bloom. Unfailingly brings with it happy memories of the first spring in a new home and of a newborn baby. And right along with … Continue reading

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Social Media How-To Workshop

Sree Sreenivasan, Chief Digital Officer at Columbia University, is conducting an advanced social media workshop (which he calls “Social Media One-night Stand”) in New York City on Thursday, May 16, … Continue reading

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ForbesLife India: Altruism Everyday

This essay appeared in the Winter 2012 edition of ForbesLife India. A link to the pdf version is available at the end of this post. In a material world, working for nothing can … Continue reading

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