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South Indian Vegetarian Recipes for a Holiday Feast

There are many, many dishes in the Indian culinary pantheon that boast ingredient lists a mile long. But there are an equal number, if not more, that require fewer than … Continue reading

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A Peek Into a Kitchen of the Past; Avalakki (Pressed Rice Flakes) Recipes

This essay was originally published on The Aerogram. When the fire is good and ready and a quick wash of the hands later, Shakuntala Bai puts on some water to … Continue reading

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Tamarind: A Fruit that Doubles as Spice – How to Use it in South Indian Cooking

At first blush, the tamarind fruit is quite unassuming, dull in fact. But it has gumption and is not afraid to shake up a dish and give it that zing. My new essay on The Aerogram, with two recipes: one for Tomato Dal and one for a raita (yogurt condiment) made with baby radish. They do make a great pair.

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Essential Spices for South Indian Vegetarian Homestyle Cooking

Have you ever wanted to make Indian food at home but didn’t know where to start? What spices to use? My essay on the basic spices necessary for South Indian … Continue reading

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Adventures with Tapioca in my American Kitchen: A Recipe

Nope, not a Tintin story, unfortunately. The history of savory tapioca pearls in my American kitchen is marked with many disastrous and abandoned attempts, enough to make you want to … Continue reading

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Semolina Porridge: How to Make Your Upma and Eat it Too

On AntiSerious, my essay on a childhood dish I learned to hate and then learned to love as an adult. The entire essay is here: The Pagan’s Progress: How To … Continue reading

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New Recipes for Dips and Appetizers Inspired by Indian Condiments

My new food essay is up on The Aerogram with two recipes. In my quest for dips that are a delicious departure from the ordinary, I decided to re-purpose a … Continue reading

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